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QuotesJust thought I'd let everyone know I recently used Ian from Fresh Pastures to come and spruce up my 5 acres. He did a brill job spraying weeds and topping - the paddocks now look more like playing fields than horse fields!!!
Ian was great and was happy to do my field in two halves so I could keep my horses turned out throughout, he topped one side and sprayed the other and then returned a fortnight later to do the reverse.
His charges were very reasonable for the length of time he spent and lovely result he achieved, we will definitely be keeping in touch with him for a regular maintenance plan to keep the pasture in good order.
I would definitely recommend his services to anyone who, like me, has a few acres but no equipment to properly manage the pasture.Quotes

Emma Walsh - Morecambe Bay Riding Club message board

QuotesFor anyone needing any spraying, I had Ian Sedgwick, from Fresh Pastures come and spray my paddocks last week. I have to say, he was very thorough and knowledgeable, and all our buttercups, nettles and docks have gone, (in 3 days). He was also very reasonably priced. I certainly will be employing him next year. He also does rolling, chain harrowing and pasture topping and fertilizing.Quotes

Rachel Wood - Lakes Riding Club message board

QuotesHi, I also had Ian Sedgwick spray my paddocks last week and I too highly recommend him, my paddock is free from weeds also and I am having him back to fertilise and spray my second paddock in a few weeks.Quotes

Katie Stoke - Lakes Riding Club message board

QuotesThank you so much for coming along yesterday and for all your hard work - we were lucky with the timing of your visit, it is raining here this morning!
Thank you very much for turning up so promptly and for such a professional service, just let us know when you will be returning to do the 'topping'.Quotes

Virginia Walker - Dent

QuotesHi, I have had Ian Sedgwick from Fresh Pastures today and he has done a sterling job, he was considerate, prompt and very helpful I can highly recommend him.

Holme Park

QuotesAnother vote for Ian Sedgwick, Burton in Lonsdale 015242 63455. Sprayed all my weeds, very good and knowledgeableQuotes

S Ireton - Lune Valley Riding club message board

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